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You can get in touch with the grants team via email:

We also have an Ecosystem ****channel for ****all our grant recipients, ambassadors and dev bounty recipients. Head over to that room to connect with the community, ask grants-related questions or simply hang out. Click here to join.


We are just launching the program and will add FAQs here as they arrive from applicants. If you have any questions that are not covered below or elsewhere on this notion, please contact us: with 'I have a Question' in the subject line.

What is the grants program?

An initiative to fund projects who wish to adopt and build on HUMAN Protocol. There are many use cases that stand to benefit from the wide capabilities of HUMAN tech. These include interchain settlement, data set creation, job market creation, and Proof of HUMANity.

Why have you created the grants program?

Transformative technology requires collaboration. The program is the way we intend to bring businesses and developers together to realize a better way of work. It is through the proliferation of HUMAN tech that the Protocol can support larger and more diverse job markets, and the community can build towards a new standard for representing, requesting, and valuing contribution.

Who can apply?

Any project. It does not matter if they are based in the blockchain industry, or have never dealt in distributed computing before.

What kind of project could benefit from the grants program?

The core applications of HUMAN Protocol are data set creation and annotation, creation and settlement of job markets (meaning any contributors of value can be rewarded), and Proof of HUMANity. As a result, there are many projects that could benefit from the program, whether they are blockchain native, or operate in other industries. There is no limit on who can apply; no limit on who could benefit.

What is the application process?

A six-stage process:

  1. Pre-submission

Early discussions and an online Q&A session. An opportunity to learn about HUMAN tech functionalities.

  1. Application

All applicants will be required to complete the application form, which forms the basis of the proposal.

  1. First interview

Designed to clarify questions from either side. A chance for us to get to know the applicant, and the applicant to get to know us. This will entail an overview of the proposal.

  1. Second interview

The technical interview will involve a member of the HUMAN Engineering team to discuss the integration requirements, feasibility and difficulty.

  1. Grants committee

A recommendation paper will be submitted to the grants committee to sign off on the funds. For more on how funds are apportioned, please see below. A vote will be held, and the applicant told of the result.

  1. Due diligence and contract

Legal due diligence, commercial due diligence, background checks, and finalizing contracts.

What are the assessment criteria?

There are five assessment criteria taken into consideration.

  1. Adoption: assessment of the applicant community, user base, brand, and reputation. A subjective assessment of the project.

  2. Team: assessment of the background, capabilities, and experience of the applicant team.

  3. Value proposition: assessment of the unique use case, and its broader implications for the future of work.

  4. Implementation: an assessment of the proposal’s likelihood of successful integration.

  5. Cost: an assessment of whether or not the potential costs are justified.

What are the cash and HMT rewards for grants?

HUMAN ecosystem members have allocated $10 million to the grants program, administered by Metahuman.

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