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HUMAN Protocol is an open-source platform designed to streamline the process of managing work tasks. It enables users to:

  1. Launch Jobs: Create and publish tasks for workers to complete.

  2. Evaluate Work: Assess the quality and accuracy of the completed tasks.

  3. Pay Workers: Compensate workers for their contributions promptly and fairly.

HUMAN Protocol leverages advanced blockchain technology to ensure transparency, security, and efficiency in handling these processes.

Key Features

  • Automation: Automate the entire workflow, from job creation and evaluation to payment distribution, enhancing efficiency and reducing manual intervention.

  • Blockchain Integration: Built on a robust blockchain framework, HUMAN Protocol ensures data integrity and secure transactions.

  • Global Access: Connect with workers from around the world, breaking down geographical barriers and enabling diverse talent pools.

Intended Roles

  1. Job Requesters

    • Role Description: Job Requesters are individuals or organizations that jobs on the HUMAN Protocol platform. They define the scope of work, set evaluation criteria, and determine compensation.

    • Responsibilities:

      • Create and publish jobs for workers.

      • Define evaluation metrics and criteria.

      • Ensure payment to workers upon job completion.

  2. Workers

    • Role Description: Workers are individuals who browse available tasks on the HUMAN Protocol platform, select jobs that match their skills, and complete them as specified.

    • Responsibilities:

      • Browse and select jobs from the platform.

      • Complete tasks according to the job specifications.

      • Submit work for evaluation.

      • Receive payment for successfully completed tasks.

Types of Tasks

HUMAN Protocol focuses on tasks that need to be solved by humans, usually related to data annotation or classification. These tasks may include:

  • Image and video labeling

  • Text categorization

  • Data entry and verification

  • Audio transcription


  1. Job Creation

    • Job Requesters create detailed job listings, specifying the task requirements, evaluation criteria, and compensation.

  2. Job Execution

    • Workers browse available jobs, select tasks that suit their skills, and complete the work as per the given instructions.

  3. Evaluation

    • Once the work is submitted, it undergoes evaluation based on predefined criteria to ensure quality and accuracy.

  4. Payment

    • Upon successful evaluation, payments are automatically processed and transferred to the workers, ensuring timely and transparent compensation.

Benefits of HUMAN Protocol

  • Efficiency: Automate repetitive tasks to focus on core activities.

  • Transparency: Blockchain technology ensures all transactions are secure and verifiable.

  • Scalability: Easily scale operations by leveraging a global workforce.

  • Fair Compensation: Workers are promptly paid for their work, fostering trust and reliability

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