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Version 2023.1


HUMAN Protocol supports the creation of decentralized and automated job markets that fulfill the potential of workers and businesses.
The Protocol is designed to improve the systems through which humans request and complete work. It accomplishes this by tokenizing work or contribution and automating the process of launching, evaluating, and paying out that work on-chain. By automating these processes, HUMAN Protocol can dramatically improve interactions in existing job markets, while unlocking new markets enabled by the global, permissionless micropayments enabled by blockchains.
To workers, HUMAN Protocol represents new opportunities to earn on their own terms. To businesses, it provides new ways to access, manage, and pay global workforces who can complete increasingly difficult work at scale. To an array of third party software providers, the Protocol represents a way to earn for contributing to the maintenance and functionality of the network.
The technology is uniquely flexible in its applications. The first implementation has been machine learning. HUMAN Protocol provides academic and early-stage open-source tools with access to a service that can help them to scale and monetize their work, as demonstrated by our current impact projects. However, the Protocol’s data annotation services are not only for early-stage softwares – the scale, quality, cost, and flexibility that the Protocol facilitates can make it an attractive option to companies of all sizes.
Millions of tasks are already solved each month via the HUMAN App, an open source platform for the Protocol that focuses on data labeling use cases. However, this is only one application: in principle, the Protocol is broadly applicable. As a generic system for managing work, there are almost an endless number of use cases it could be applied to. Of particular note are areas that stand to benefit from the incentivized and targeted input of millions of diverse participants.
The vision starts with reshaping how humans work with other humans, and extends to the goal of building a secure and responsible mechanism for machines to help humans achieve their potential.
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