Grants Program

The HUMAN Grants Program is one of the ecosystem participants funding the development and deployment of applications that either use HUMAN Protocol as a core part of their functionality, or that themselves can add new features and services to the Protocol. The Program supports strong use cases for the Protocol with funding, technical expertise, ecosystem support and marketing pushes.


Hummingbot is open-source software that helps build market making and arbitrage bots that run on any crypto exchange, centralized or decentralized.
The grant is being used to create “Humming Human”, a project which will create on-chain smart contracts and an off-chain Recording Oracle layer to enable the creation of decentralized reward pools that enable anyone to earn token rewards for providing volume and/or liquidity to participating platforms.

Blockchain HELIX

A Web3 identity platform using the grant to develop an app with Helix ID, their native blockchain identity software, allowing for reputation to be assigned to individual Workers. A digital society can support and complement the creation of a digital economy.


A decentralized newsroom using the grant to fund the integration of the Job Launcher API into the platform to support their requests for news. Upon successful integration, HUMAN will award further funding to power the settlement mechanism of their platform.

Verita Trust

Founded to create a fully transparent and trustworthy decentralized customer feedback and review service, in which customers own and are rewarded for their reviews with tokens. They are using the grant to integrate HUMAN into the tech stack, particularly with the aim of using the Job Launcher to request reviews, with HMT used to reward those who contribute.


Designed as a decentralized, democratic data ecosystem, DataUnion is the framework that allows organizations to create DataUnions which allow all parties to share in the value created. For instance, a data labeler can have a ‘share’ in the value of the image s/he labels, so if it is used, s/he can earn for it. The grant involves providing blueprints and funds to allow DataUnion to create a Recording and Reputation Oracle system. This system will keep track of the quality of contributors’ submissions whilst automating the Q and A process for the data sets.


An audio-tagging service currently focused on building a chatbot that can successfully translate between many Indian languages. The project is supported by the National Health Mission of the Indian Government, who will be using the chatbot to help translate between the core healthcare system, its representatives across India, and the rural areas affected.
The grant has been awarded to integrate audio recording tasks into the HUMAN App, and to collect a usable dataset in the first phase of this collaboration.

Me Protocol

A blockchain protocol that will power the first decentralized multi-vendor loyalty ecosystem for brands competing in the Web3 space by allowing users to earn rewards for brand-related bounty completions and to exchange different brands’ loyalty rewards.
Me Protocol wants to use a modified version of the HUMAN Job Launcher in their bounty creation system. Enabling the autonomous creation of decentralized challenges / bounties and automating payout will open up more opportunities for anyone to earn tokenized rewards. They will also integrate HUMAN Protocol into their existing ecosystem, enabling us to create bounties ourselves and our rewards (HMT) to be exchanged for other loyalty rewards within their marketplace.

Signa X

Signa X offers a 3D asset creation platform for the metaverse and gaming worlds. It works with gaming guilds globally to build in game assets and experiences like characters, environments, weapons, power ups and utilities etc. Additionally, Signa X offers minting and leasing capabilities to gaming projects in order to support a web3 economy.
Through this project, they aim to create a tool to embed the HUMAN Job Launcher as an additional feature on the platform to help game developers design challenges and offer payouts using the Recording and Reputation Oracles.
Signa X is also planning to incorporate Proof of HUMANity as part of its sign up process for game developers and 3D creators. It will also be used as part of a gamer registration feature.

What’s Cookin’

What’s Cookin’ will provide an API endpoint to verify and import existing Worker credentials from various sources, such as GitHub. The API may be integrated into existing systems for discovering or evaluating workers, for instance. In conjunction, What’s Cookin’ will sign and write to a decentralized storage solution where the work credentials, qualifications, and certificates can reside as an NFT for the Worker.
The importance of this is that it enables jobs requiring a set of specific skills or qualifications to be routed to Workers who can fulfill that work.


EkoLance helps companies to train and hire professionals in Web3. Currently, companies present work tasks to a prospective hires, and then have to manually assess responses and report it back to EkoLance.
The grant will fund the work required to launch a task for the prospective hire, along with the assessment and reward of that work via HUMAN Protocol. All the information regarding a hire will be on one ledger. It is expected that this integration will onboard hundreds of Workers to HUMAN Protocol — EkoLance has over 200 participants per cohort, and they plan EkoLance wants to onboard 30,000 workers by end of 2023.

Basenode are building a fiat on-ramp which will allow Requesters to pay for work with fiat currencies. It means that while the Requesters can pay for work in fiat, the Workers still receive crypto. Basenode's service will also provide both Workers and Requesters with tax-compliant invoices.
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