How the Protocol works

HUMAN Protocol is an execution layer. The HUMAN Routing Protocol (RP) defines the ways in which the third parties contributing to the network can interact. It includes a reference for pricing, discovery of operators, staking, slashing, and voting models. For clarity, there is a separate Routing Protocol paper dedicated to this vital layer in the network.
Below are the resources and actors involved in the life cycle of a job.
  • HUMAN Token (HMT) – HMT is the mechanism by which Workers are paid for completing tasks, as well as the token that Operators stake to run Protocol services (see RP paper).
  • Requester – requests a job and prefunds a smart bounty with HMT.
  • Smart bounty – holds HMT in escrow until the Worker completes the tasks in the job according to the specification. A Requester may cancel a bounty (for a 0.25% fee, waived if Job not picked up), but they cannot steal work. The Recording Oracle, which assesses work, updates the smart bounty to ensure that funds are reserved for work that has been successfully completed. The Requester may elect to have any unused funds returned to them.
  • Job Launcher – Requesters use a Job Launcher to set the parameters of a job and launch it into the HUMAN system. A blueprint is available for anyone to run their own Job Launcher.
  • Exchange Oracle – retrieve off-chain data from applications which complete work – e.g. hCaptcha, Audino, CVAT.
  • Recording Oracle – checks the work of the Exchange Oracle, keeps a rolling record of Worker responses and provides an intermediate evaluation of work quality (where applicable and possible)
  • Reputation Oracle – checks the work of the Recording Oracle, provides a final assessment of work, ascribes reputation to the address/identity of the Worker, and updates smart contract for pay out.
  • Dynamic Chain Stats Oracle – Evaluates the preferred chain for execution based on metrics like HMT liquidity, network congestion, number of Workers etc. This will involve querying the Graph where liquidity information resides.
  • Blockchains – host the smart bounty, and the bridged token to pay out Workers.
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