Impact Projects

HUMAN Impact Projects are part of our vision to democratize access to data. This initiative is dedicated to providing academic research institutions and early-stage machine learning startups access to the data annotation services required for them to scale and monetize their powerful, and under-used, tools.

Salk Institute for Biological Studies

The Salk Institute is home to award winning scientists that are dedicated to discovering cures to many diseases and illnesses. It is an internationally acclaimed nonprofit institute, named after Jonas Salk, inventor of the Polio vaccine. The institute leverages insights gained from machine learning to deepen their research.

Social LEAP Estimates Animal Poses (SLEAP)

SLEAP is using animal and plant pose tracking software to uncover new learnings about their behavior. Added to the annotation tool they have developed, the SLEAP team use deep-learning neural networks to garner accurate predictions from limited data.


CVAT is a popular open-source, semi-automated annotation tool used for video and image annotation. The core team previously worked at Intel, and recently joined to expand development, and are working to integrate native HUMAN support into CVAT. The new GitHub repository demonstrates their current work.


A grantee as well, Audino is an open-source audio tagging tool. It is being used to create a chatbot to translate between Indian languages, which have little to no representation from traditional services, and yet are spoken by many millions of people. Audino is supporting the National Health Mission of India, which will support the usage of the Audino chatbot as a means of translating between rural communities and the wider healthcare system.

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