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Technical flow

Different components and technologies contribute to the HUMAN RP Flow. This diagram presents the function of those components in the lifecycle of a HUMAN Protocol job.


Proof of HUMANity (PoH)

Proof of HUMANity is a system for bringing bot-blocking technologies on-chain. See the GitHub repository which has implemented a bot-blocker into a forked version of Metamask. Possible applications include DEXs, play to earn, GameFi, NFT markets, DeFi services, and governance protocols. However, these are just a few; verifying the humanity of a user is valuable in almost every DApp available. See more on the importance of DDoS and front running prevention below.

PoH: Front running

Front-runners access “mempools” - publicly visible transaction databases, both pending and completed - to exploit the data on pending transactions. On Ethereum, front-running occurs because miners can manipulate transaction queues by bidding a slightly higher gas price on a transaction, thereby incentivizing the network to place their transaction earlier in the order when a block is constructed. Therefore, if two transactions with the potential to make profit from the same contract call (in which a specific smart-contract function is requested) are placed within the same block, only the first claims the profit.
Proof of HUMANity is crucial for solving this problem because it can block bots by requiring the user to solve a CAPTCHA before each transaction.
PoH: DDoS protection on TPS chains
DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks target blockchain networks as a whole by causing the transactions of honest nodes to be processed much slower, and thereby causing congestion, which can lead to complete loss of confidence in a particular chain. The more transactions a chain processes, the lower the charged transaction fee, which attracts bots and makes it harder to employ countermeasures, such as isolating and disconnecting from individual nodes. As only bots can launch a DDoS attack, Proof of HUMANity’s can solve this problem efficiently.


The Information Market On-chain Oracle is a system to provide off-chain data on events (and opinions) to create and facilitate information markets. It is currently being implemented as an oracle for prediction markets by Zeitgeist.
However, it exemplifies a repurposing of the question and answer format seen in data annotation and bot blocking apps. It opens up many further use cases.
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