The future of work

HUMAN Protocol is designed to be a secure and scalable infrastructure to help parties unknown to each other request and complete work, whilst establishing a network that can incorporate machines to the workflow to help automate parts of the work.
Trustlessness is the key to a new digital work economy – through the smart bounties, which hold funds in escrow, and the reputation and evaluation systems built into the network, all parties can operate on the Protocol with confidence.
HUMAN Protocol provides the end-to-end infrastructure – the tools, plugins, integrations, and API – to automatically hire, manage, validate, and compensate workers at scale. It is designed to support the creation of automated global job markets in which almost any human or machine can publish a job, and any human or machine with the requested skillset can complete the tasks associated with that job. Through HUMAN, the world and its opportunities – to work, learn, collaborate, and get paid – have the potential to become more accessible.
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