Why HUMAN Protocol?

  • Empowers workforces. HUMAN Protocol has been created to tokenize and make fungible tasks of any size and requirement to help both companies and individual workers — independent of any entity — to maximize their time and resources.
  • Supports global job markets. Supports the creation of decentralized job markets in which entities on both sides can trade in a safe, trustless way, without the need for intermediaries. On HUMAN Protocol, software enforces the rules.
  • Enables a new generation of artificial intelligence. We believe that AI is currently applied to 1% of the problems it could in principle solve. By increasing the points and means of human-to-machine interaction, and amount of data labeled and interacted with, HUMAN provides the relevant datasets and feedback AI companies require to create next-generation products.
  • Operates across blockchains. HUMAN is designed to work across blockchains, to accommodate the volume of work interactions processed and transactions produced. Through cross-chain bridges with HUMAN Wallet, HMT is designed to easily convert to other blockchains’ native token formats, allowing Protocol users to choose the chain that best suits their needs.
  • Global Q&As. A data label is simply a question and answer system – beyond ML, such a system has endless applications for businesses who wish to curate the input of thousands, or millions. Our native Information Market On-chain Oracle (IMOO), for example, provides the foundations for the first truly global Q&A system.
  • Abuse protection. Proof of HUMANity enables developers to bring bot-blocking and anti-abuse applications on-chain to protect blockchain ecosystems from malicious actors. Applicable to DeFi, governance, engage-to-earn, and just about any DApp.
  • Decentralization & governance. The Routing Protocol is a vision of decentralization. It is a way to reward third party contribution to the Protocol and thereby incentivize decentralization. It also proposes a governance framework.
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